The Importance Of CHFI-Certified Professionals In An IT Organization

What is Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation (CHF)?
Hackers can steal confidential business data from organizations of all sizes. Businesses recognize the need for skilled individuals with knowledge in hacking and internet security to protect their data. Computer Hacking Forensics Investigators, also known as CHFIs, are responsible for analyzing and gathering digital evidence to support prosecution. They have the expertise and know-how to analyze complex digital evidence to find and document evidence against cyber criminals.
What is CHFI Certification?
Computer Forensics, a branch of IT security, deals with investigating cyber-attacks. It involves gathering evidence of the crime that will be presented to a court. It involves the use of computer analysis and computer investigation techniques in order to determine potential legal evidence. It is difficult to find a cyber-crime. Cyber-crimes are often discovered long after the actual theft of data. Sometimes these thefts go unreported. CHFI is an EC-Council advanced level certification that prepares individuals for the detection and pursuit of cyber-crimes. It is one the most sought-after certifications within the field of computerforensics. Corporations, governments, and even cyber cells of police departments are using computer investigation techniques. Many of these entities use the EC-Council to obtain the CHFI Certification Program.
Why is electronic evidence so important for IT organizations?
A wide range of cyber-crimes and instances of computer misuse could be used to seek evidence, including theft of intellectual property, trade secrets, fraud, and other crimes. Investigators at CHFI use a variety of methods to find data hidden in computers. This may include recovering deleted, encrypted or damaged file information.
Electronic evidence is crucial in cases such as breach of contract and computer break-ins, disloyal workers, disputed dismissals or theft of company documents.
Career Opportunities for a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
There is a huge demand for CHFI-certified professionals in all industries. IT security and IT companies are hiring CHFI-certified professionals across all industries.
The CHFI certification certifies that a candidate has the skills to collect evidence of theft and present it to a court of justice. The starting salary for this field can be anywhere from $85,000 to $120,000. According to a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator in the United States (CHFI), earns on average $86,000 annually. Top employers include Sentek Global and Paylocity as well as Northrop Grumman Corporation and the U.S Navy.
These are the roles that certified CHFI professionals can take on:
* Computer Forensics Analyst
* Information Security Analyst
* Malware Analyst
* Network Security Specialist
* Security Administrator
* IT Security Consultant
* Ethical Hacker
* Penetration Tester
* IT Auditor
* Homeland Cyber Security
Ransomware attacks such as “WannaCry” are causing havoc and business losses for organizations. It is imperative that we raise our defenses against Malware & Ransomware attack. This webinar is very informative and was presented by Todd York, North America Partner Development Manager at EC-Council. You can watch the webinar by clicking the link below.
IT Webinar:Raise your defenses against Malware & Ransomware attacks
How can NetCom Learning help?
NetCom offers multi-vendor services and is an Accredited Training Centre for EC-Council. It is home to a group of highly qualified instructors with expertise in Computer Forensics. They can train applicants for CHFI or other certifications offered through the EC-Council.
Read more: EC Council Names NetCom Learning the Best Accredited Training Center for Newcomers.
We are preferred training partners for many well-known companies in the U.S. and have successfully trained their employees in various IT skills. Candidates will be able to learn the skills they need to become Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators using our proven methods and practical teaching methods.
All businesses must hire or upgrade IT professionals to conduct cyber investigations and provide evidence. This is because cyber-crimes are on the rise. They can then present a strong case to the court of justice and get compensation for the damages or defend against an infringement.

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