Cisco Certification List

Top Cisco Certifications List 2022
The IT industry is one the fastest-growing. The IT industry has seen many technological advancements and up-gradation. It is now possible to build a career within the IT industry. The IT industry is huge and you can specialize in many areas. Cisco certifications can give you an edge in the market by allowing you to gain expert knowledge in networking.
What is cisco?
Cisco is the symbol of a commercial and industrial security company. Cisco is the global leader of IT and networking. Cisco provides support for all companies in the area of networking and helps them connect, interact, collaborate, and share information. Cisco Certification courses are widely accepted in the industry and recognized. Professionals will have many job opportunities with these Cisco certification programs. Cisco certification programs allow professionals to remain relevant in the market. They provide the skills needed to successfully implement next-generation technologies and help them stay relevant. These Cisco certification courses are a validation of a professional’s expertise in networking. It sector companies would prefer professionals with Cisco certification.
There are five levels of Cisco certification courses.
* Entry-level (CCENT)
* Associate level ( CCNA)
* Professional (CCDP).
* Expert (CCIE).
* Architect (CCAr).
Each level offers one or more certification courses.
There are 9 paths to Cisco certification. These include design, business data and industrial network. Security, routing, switching, routing and operations.
Entry-level Cisco Certification Programs:
In Cisco certification, there are two entry-level credentials.
* Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)
* Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)
1) Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Certification
What is CCENT certification?
Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician is the first stage in Cisco certification courses. The CISCCENT offers CCENT certification. This certificate validates and demonstrates the professional skills required to support various network support roles. The Cisco certification will open up many opportunities in the field. CCENT certification gives professionals the skills and knowledge required to troubleshoot, operate, and secure the network.
* CCENT eligibility
CCENT Cisco certification doesn’t require any prerequisites. Anyone interested in a career in networking can take the exam. CCENT is a prerequisite to some associate level courses such as CCNA or CCND. CCENT and other Cisco certifications provide validation of the skills and knowledge of professionals.
* CCENT exam details:
CCENT Cisco certification can be obtained by passing a written exam. The CCENT exam tests candidates in a variety of ways. There are multiple options, fill-in the blanks, drag-and drop, and other questions. Candidates will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. 45-55 questions must be answered.
* CENT Jobs
After completing the CCENT certification course, an individual’s job opportunities will be expanded. CCENT certified individuals can work in support technician, help desk technician, IT/network support technician, and other positions.
* CCENT Cisco Certification Validity
CCENT Cisco certification is valid 3 years
2) Cisco Certified Network Professionals Certification
What is CCNP?
CCNP stands to Cisco certified network professionals. CCNP is a professional Cisco certification.
CCNP is one Cisco certification that teaches the skills and knowledge required to create and implement a plan, and then verify and troubleshoot LAN and WAN networks.
The Cisco CCNP certification is one of the most respected. It provides a solid foundation and makes professionals competent by ensuring they have the required skills in a virtualized and physical network.
CCNP Cisco certification proves an individual’s ability to work with professionals in wireless, security, voice and other domains. A CCNP certified professional will have extensive knowledge in networking.
* CCNP certification eligibility:
Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree (in Information Science, Engineering, or Computer Science) can apply for this position.

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