This Week: Salesforce End User

We covered the tips and tricks that Salesforce pros need to follow Jamie Grettum, SPOTO trainer, this week on the SPOTO Blog.
We discuss the best shortcuts to use, how to get more out of the platform’s communication, and some ways that you can start using Salesforce Classic immediately.
4 Salesforce Classic Tricks That You Should TrySalesforce CRM is a powerful and robust tool. There are simple shortcuts and tricks that will make you a Salesforce expert. These are four tips to help you feel like a Salesforce pro in no time.

Salesforce Classic: How to Communicate Effectively with Salesforce ClassicSalesforce Classic can be a powerful communication and collaboration tool, if you understand its mechanics. To become an information transmission expert, you will need to learn how to communicate with your customers and your team more effectively.

7 Organizations That Use Salesforce That Will Surprise You Some of the names on this list are likely to surprise you. Here are the stories of seven companies that chose Salesforce. Learn how Salesforce has helped them and how you can benefit from it.
4 Ways You Can Start Using Salesforce ClassicOrganizational admins are tasked with building out and setting up a plan for an effective use of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. How can admins keep track of and manage the strategy as it moves forward from the planning stages to the implementation? There are four ways you can monitor Salesforce data to ensure it is being used effectively and efficiently.

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