This Week: New Cisco Certs for 2020

Cisco recently announced major changes to its certification program, moving from a simplified CCNA path towards a new DevNet certificate. These changes are exciting, but there are many questions. We have the answers so that you are prepared for 2020, when most of these certification changes will take effect.
New CCNA: What can you expect from 200-301?
Currently, to become a Cisco CCNA certified professional, you must pass at least two exams. This will change next year. This is a look at the new CCNA, and what it means to those who wish to earn one.
How to Prepare for 2019’s New CCNP
There are many changes coming to Cisco’s CCNP certification. These include the number of exams required and the elimination of certain specialties. All the details are in one place so you can be prepared for the new CCNP changes.
Cisco DevNet arrives in 2020: What can you expect?
Cisco’s DevNet certification is generating a lot of buzz. What does it cover? And what does it mean to IT professionals? It’s time for you to familiarize yourself with one of the most anticipated certifications of recent memory.
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Start trainingNew CCIE: Take a look at the new Labs and Exams
Next year, Cisco’s expert-level certification will be a little more modern. Let’s take a look what you need to know if your goal is to become a CCIE, and what to expect next years when the new CCIE is released.
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