The AWS Workforce Needs These Perks

Here’s a question: Are your AWS specialists looking for a new employer? This could be due to many factors, but it is worth looking at the perks offered by your company, not only for new talent but also for your existing staff. Although they may not be crucial in someone’s decision to move on, they can be a way to subconsciously push people towards the door.
This is a dynamic talent market right now, so don’t be fooled. According to the Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide AWS Edition, 42% of AWS professionals working in permanent positions expect to continue to work for their current employer within the next year. However, 24 percent of AWS professionals are actively seeking out new pastures.
Some 13% of those who are job hunting expect to leave, but they aren’t yet looking for work, while the remaining 21% don’t know if they will stay or go. That’s a lot talent that could be on the move over the next 12 months. You can attract and retain professionals by understanding what could tempt employees to leave your company.
Why it is important to offer a great package Tech roles are not being filled and the pay is rising to keep up with the competition.
Other than focusing on the salary, workplace benefits can make the deal more attractive and give you an edge. According to the Careers & Hiring Guide, 85% AWS employees in permanent positions consider perks important when deciding whether to accept a job offer.
These benefits go beyond the company laptop, which is a given. They are a combination of wellness, culture, and work-life balance. Companies must also consider how they present their offer to a candidate.
It is also important to distinguish between the perks and benefits AWS professionals want and those they expect. The last year has not only changed where most people want to work, but it’s also transformed where they expect.
This is why 82% of AWS professionals surveyed in the Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring guide said that remote work is important to them. This is a large percentage of the workforce that could be affected by your work-from-home policy, which we’ll explore in more detail in a moment.
The Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide AWS EditionGet more information about the perks and benefits that AWS professionals enjoy, as well as exclusive insight into community’s thoughts and feelings about job satisfaction, talent retention, and improving diversity.
Get your copy now The research revealed that unique work perks included pet insurance, discounted technology and a games room. It’s safe to say that this has changed over the past two years as employees have reevaluated what is most important to them.
Hybrid/remote working policy
41% of AWS professionals surveyed enjoyed flexible work hours and 46% were able to do homework before COVID-19. This raises one important question when it comes time to hire AWS professionals: is your hybrid/homeworking policy attractive? Employees want flexibility in their work hours and locations, as the above shows.
They will be able to work from anywhere. We will also modify business as usual to accommodate remote and hybrid teams.

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