SOLIDWORKS vs. AutoCAD – How to Choose the Right Software

Drawings were made by hand using a drawing board and an drafting pen. They were eventually replaced by software as technology improved.
AutoCAD and SolidWorks are common software used by designers. Although you may think that all CAD software is the same, every application has its own set of applications.
This article will discuss two of the most popular CAD software: AutoCAD and SolidWorks.
What is AutoCAD?
AutoCAD is the first CAD drafting software. It was first released in 1982 and quickly gained popularity as the first CAD software for PCs. AutoCAD users include electrical engineers, civil engineers, designers, and interior designers. It has a large number of 2D tools and features. This makes it popular for 2D design. It also includes extensions for specific disciplines and a user language library.
AutoCAD is quickly becoming the industry standard for designing. You can create many types of drawings and designs in either 2D or 3-D. These tools make it easy and quick to create and modify these designs. It incorporates many 3D modeling functions such as surfaces, solids, meshes, and solids. It is still used primarily for 2D drafting and not 3D simulation.
What is SolidWorks?
SolidWorks was released for the first time in 1995. It quickly became the industry standard for solid modeling software. SolidWorks employs standard engineering features for CAD such as bosses, holes, slots and bosses.
SolidWorks is well-known for its 3D modeling, but it uses a 2D drawing method. AutoCAD does not have the same 2D drawing capabilities as SolidWorks. SolidWorks’ core feature is simulation. Other features include design automation and conceptual design, 3D solid modelling, weldments bill of materials, interference elimination and advanced surfacing, configurations and sheet metal simulating.
SolidWorks’ primary user is the engineers. They use it to test their designs in real-world applications, and to evaluate prototypes. SolidWorks allows each designer to work on their own part of the project. A CAD manager can review each designer’s work and provide feedback.
Differences between AutoCAD and SolidWorks
AutoCAD and SolidWorks offer annual subscriptions. The annual subscription for AutoCAD is US$ 1690 while SolidWorks is US$ 1295. Both programs offer 30-day free trials. AutoCAD is available for educators and students at no cost, while SolidWorks has a student version that costs US$ 150/year. SolidWorks is more expensive than AutoCAD, but you can still get a SolidWorks licence for US$ 39595. Both software offer discounts if you buy licenses in bulk.
User Interface
AutoCAD’s user interface allows you to create complex 3D models. AutoCAD is more efficient because it has many keyboard shortcuts and commands.
SolidWorks has many features that are specific for machines and parts. However, you will need to click more buttons.
2D Drafting
2D drafting is an essential feature for civil engineers and construction industry. AutoCAD scores higher in 2D drafting in many areas, including tools, ease-of-use, annotation, shape and text editing. AutoCAD supports 2D drafting. This includes the creation, editing and annotation of technical drawings. It can be used to design floor plans and inspection plans, as well as building permit drawings and landscaping layouts. AutoCAD’s speed and precision combined with ease-of-use are the main goals of 2D drafting. AutoCAD allows users the freedom to design whatever they like without having to use technical drawing tools.
SolidWorks supports 2D drawing, but it lacks the authority in 2D Drafting that AutoCAD has. It allows users to create, view, edit and markup 2D and even 3D DWG files.
3D modeling
SolidWorks and AutoCAD can both produce 3D mesh modeling, solids and polygons. SolidWorks is more intuitive than AutoCAD. SolidWorks is a great choice if you want to visualize products quickly and effectively.
AutoCAD 3D allows professionals to design anything they want. SolidWorks is a specialized program that can be used to machine parts and modes.
SolidWorks’ high performance, ease-of-use, and design capabilities have made SolidWorks the industry standard in 3D CAD modeling. SolidWorks handles complex functions like the development of parts, drawings, or detailed assemblies with ease. SolidWorks is more than just a 3D CAD program. It gives users access to the tools and features needed to create structural welded assemblies, sheet-metal patterns, and complex surfaces.
SolidWorks can also integrate CAM programs with 3D printers or CNC machines, making it a better choice. SolidWorks is the preferred CAD program for product designers.

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