New Course: Microsoft Windows 10 End User Essentials

SPOTO trainer Anthony Sequeira has released his Microsoft Windows 10 End User Essentials course. This course will give you an in-depth look into how to customize and maximize Microsoft Windows 10. Anthony helps end users succeed by covering topics such as desktop familiarity, customization, file and directory management, file and folder administration, web browsers and apps, networking, and many more.
Anthony covers the most important topics in this 15-video course to ensure users get the most out of Microsoft’s popular operating systems, Windows 10. Anthony will take your knowledge to a whole new level by including hands-on labs that allow you to put into practice what you have learned throughout the course.
Anthony was interviewed about his course and how Windows 10 users can benefit from it.
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Start trainingQ: Why should companies teach their end users Windows 10? What productivity and efficiency can they expect to see after completing your course on Windows 10?
Q: Who should take the Windows 10 End User Essentials course. Which employee would be most benefit from your course? Any employee who is currently using Windows 10 (any versions) would be. NOTE: This course will also be very helpful for companies that are planning to migrate to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows.
Q: As a Windows 10 expert are there any features or improvements you would like to see in the next version of Windows? I think Microsoft can do better in the area of updating. Windows 10 systems can sometimes have problems shutting down due the installation of updates. This is something I teach in my course.
Q: What was your learner perspective when creating this course. I really tried to think about how a typical user would like to set up their system for work or play.
Q: Do you have any tips for learners that will help them get the most from your course? Get ready to have a lot of fun! The course ends with a Final Exam where you can showcase your skills on a real Windows 10 computer!
Q: What was the most enjoyable Nugget you created in this course? The Final Exam Nugget was great fun, especially when we had to create a performance-based assessment for SPOTO.
Q: What features of Windows 10 surprised you the most? I didn’t know you could customize your Lock Screen.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope learners will take away from this course. Windows 10 is very flexible. It can be made exactly how you need it to get the best work done.
Q: What course(s), certification(s), should learners complete before they can take the Windows 10 End User Essentials course. Students don’t need any pre-requisites to jump in! Although you may be familiar with the internet, that is how you access the course and the labs.
Q: What courses or certifications should learners pursue after completing their Windows 10 End User Essentials course. Students who need Microsoft Office training should look no further than the incredible courses by Simona Milham at SPOTO.
Q: What should IT professionals pay attention to during this course? How can IT professionals benefit from gaining a better understanding about how end users navigate and use Windows 10
Q: What is the?

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