Microsoft Streamlines Technical Certificates

Alison Cunard, General Manager at Microsoft Learning, announced that Microsoft is streamlining its technical certifications. This aligns to industry-recognized competence areas while allowing flexibility for your specific skills on Microsoft products. These credentials align to Centers of Excellence that are used by the Microsoft Partner Network for identifying technical competencies that are easily recognized by both Microsoft customers and partners.

These are the five new expert certifications:
MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure- focusing skills validation to Windows Server and Microsoft AzureMCSE Mobility- focusing skills validation to Windows Client and Enterprise Mobility SuiteMCSE Data Management and Analysis- focusing skills validation to both on-premises and cloud based Microsoft data products and servicesMCSE Productivity- focusing skills validation for Office 365 and SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype For BusinessMCSD App Builder- focusing skills validation in Web and Mobile app development.
The resulting MCSE/MCSD certification will be added on to your transcript and will not expire. Instead, the achievement date will be a sign of your investment in continuing education in technology. You will be able to re-earn your certification each year by passing another exam from the list of electives. This is a way to show your investment in expanding or deepening your skills in a Center of Excellence. A new certification entry will be added each time you earn the certification. This will replace the requirement to take a specific recertification test every 2 years (MCSD), or 3 years (MCSE), in order to keep your certification active.
The corresponding web pages provide details about the exams required to earn the new MCSE or MCSD certifications. These details will also be the subject of a series if BornToLearn blog posts in the coming months. Many of the MCP exams currently available will link to one or more expert-level certifications.
These certification changes are only applicable to MCSE or MCSD certifications. As you are currently earning and upgrading MCSA certifications, you will continue to do so.
Transition to the New MCSE/MCSD Certs
The new MCSE/MCSD certifications and your MCP transcripts are due to be released on the evening of September 26th. Individuals who have activeMCSE or MCSD certificates from the following list will be awarded the new MCSE and MCSD certifications in recognition of their efforts to keep them current.
MCSE – Server InfrastructureMCSE : Private CloudMCSE : Data PlatformMCSE : Business IntelligenceMCSE : Enterprise Devices & AppsMCSE : CommunicationMCSE : MessagingMCSD : Universal Windows PlatformMCSD : Web ApplicationsMCSD : SharePoint ApplicationsIn addition, individuals who have passed any qualifying elective exam after January 1, 2016, will be granted the new MCSE and MCSD certifications for 2016.
Individuals with activeMCSE or MCSD certifications can choose to take a recertification exam, or a new exam from a list of electives associated the corresponding Center of Excellence, from now until December 31, 2016. This will allow them to earn their new certification.
All MCSE and MCSD certifications listed below will be retired as the final part in the transition process.
MCSE – Server InfrastructureMCSE : Private CloudMCSE : Data PlatformMCSE : Business IntelligenceMCSE : Enterprise Devices & AppsMCSE : CommunicationMCSE : MessagingMCSD : Application Lifecycle ManagementMCSD : Universal Windows PlatformMCSD : Azure Solutions ArchitectMCSD : Web ApplicationsMCSD : SharePoint Applications

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