Microsoft recommends that you update to Windows 10

Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft has so far offered the OS free of charge to users of Windows 7 and 8 versions. The tech giant is making an additional step towards maximizing Windows 10 usage around the world.
Microsoft posted a blog post about its plans for Windows 10. It stated that Windows 10 would soon be considered an “Optional Update” under the Windows Update menu. Microsoft plans to upgrade this option within the next year to a “Recommended Updating” option.
Why not now?
This move is likely due to Microsoft’s goal for Windows 10 use. Terry Myerson, the company’s Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Group, stated, “Microsoft plans to have Windows 10 on 1,000,000 devices within two to three year.”
This is a record-breaking download rate, something that has never been seen in the industry. Microsoft has had a great start to Windows 10, but the company still has a lot of work to do if it wants to reach this goal in the coming years.
Windows 10 currently has 110 million devices. This is a remarkable start for an OS that was created after the minor failure of Windows 8. Microsoft still has a lot to do before it reaches a billion downloads.
Microsoft will most likely mark Windows 10 as a Recommended Update because of this billion-device goal.
According to the blog, depending on your settings, your computer might automatically download Windows 10 when it is displayed as a Recommended Update. While there will be many people who will take this opportunity to download Windows 10 on their own, there will also be some Windows users who accidentally download it.
This doesn’t mean that these users will have to use Windows 10 forever. The company noted that anyone can decline the update and that they can return to their previous version of Windows within 31-days if they aren’t happy with it.
Microsoft has big plans to Windows 10. However, given the general laziness and high customer satisfaction Windows 10, many people who accidentally downloaded the update may decide to keep it. Microsoft is happy with this.
What does this mean to Microsoft certificate holders?
Microsoft is moving towards its goal of having a billion Windows 10 devices, and every Microsoft certified professional can rest assured that the value of their training will only increase. Microsoft certificates allow you to leverage Microsoft’s success in your favor.
In a world with over a billion devices running Microsoft’s operating system, Microsoft’s name on your resume will be a strong one. Not to mention the valuable knowledge you’ll gain from working with these devices. If you are interested in using Microsoft’s ambitious goals for career advancement, make sure to check the list of Microsoft-certified training courses offered by New Horizons Computer Learning Centersof Southern California or Southern Arizona.

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