Linux Blogs We Love

Shawn Powers is a SPOTO trainer and Linux Guru. He shared his top 10 tips to help new Linux users.
We are open-source lovers, so we have gathered some of the most popular Linux blogs and shared them with you.
These blogs cover topics ranging from Linux Kernel and Ubuntu, and almost everything in between.
These blogs are great for Linux enthusiasts or those who just want to learn more about this powerful open-source operating platform.
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Get started trainingEvery Day Linux Users – Linux for the layman.
Linux Notes from Dark Duck: How to choose the right operating system for your computer, and how to use it.
Linux Kernel Monkey Log — Random bits by Greg Kroah–Harman
Dedoimedo – A place to learn lots about a lot!
Thoughts on Technology – My Thoughts about technology and current technology.
nixCraft – Insight into Linux Admin Work.
Web UpD8 – Dail Ubunti/Linex news, application reviews.
Linux Weekly News – Linux information from the source.
Incosolation – Adventures using lightweight and minimalist Linux software – Wisdom from a Linux engineer focusing on information security
Mark Shuttleworth – Here are dragons.
Alien Pastures – My thoughts on Slackware and life.

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