Kony Mobile Platform Increases AWS Support

Kony Inc., a company that specializes in enterprise mobility, today announced that its MobileFabric platform has been updated to provide enhanced support for running applications on Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
“Kony MobileFabric offers a set of enterprise-grade services for mobile infrastructure that makes it easy for developers build apps that integrate with and support all backend system,” the company stated. Kony MobileFabric 7 has been launched in AWS Marketplace. Kony MobileFabric 7 has been updated to include a Developer edition, an Express edition at a fraction of the cost and a Standard edition that comes as a SaaS delivery option.
MobileFabric 7 features new features optimized for use on AWS cloud. These include AWS API Gateway, Object Services, AWS cloud storage, AWS IoT Services, Cordova and SAP Business Suite integration.
Barry Russell, a company executive, stated that Kony’s listing in AWS Marketplace allows customers to access its offerings quickly on AWS. This helps them reduce the complexity of back-end development. Kony provides pre-integrated access APIs on AWS Cloud to enable developers to quickly assemble and create connected mobile and IoT apps for enterprise customers.

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