Kony Expands Mobile Back End Services on AWS

Kony Inc. has expanded its MobileFabric offerings — which provide Mobile Back-End-as-a-Service (MBaaS) functionality — on the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) cloud. The company is also expanding its managed cloud service AWS.
According to the mobile development specialist, making these offerings available as hosted services on AWS reduces complexity and costs for companies creating mobile apps.
Low costs are a key feature of the free developer version. It features four new MBaaS products that provide prebuilt services on the server side, such as API management and identity services, message notifications and data storage and synchronization.
Kony stated that developers can use the tools they choose for front-end development, and hook into back-end services. Native software developer kits (SDKs), for example, can be used to develop iOS, Android, Windows HTML5/JavaScript, and PhoneGap applications. APIs optimized to mobile development can expose back-end systems and data sources. These APIs can be reused in multiple projects.
AWS now offers the developer edition for free (AWS usage fees apply). The other Kony services available on AWS are express, standard, and professional.
The Kony Web site states that MobileFabric Developer Edition provides a wide range of mobile back-end services including identity, integration and orchestration as well as messaging and offline data sync. This fully featured Kony MobileFabric version will run on one node on AWS to allow for production or development environments. It allows you to quickly build your mobile app without any software upfront.
Graduating from the free Tier brings additional functionality and features like increased capacity limits, high availability, service-level agreements, multiple nodes and analytics, and much more.
Gartner Inc. analysts Van Baker, Richard Marshall, and Jason Wong stated that “Mobile back-end has become a crucial component of enterprise mobility.” The company published a March report. “Mobile strategists can choose from a range of products that offer a variety mobile app services including data hosting, integration, orchestration, location management, identity and access management, as well as data hosting, integration, orchestration, and location management. Lightweight Web- and mobile-style apps integration will completely replace traditional approaches by 2020.
Kony also stated that it is offering more regional and local options to enterprises running mobile apps on AWS. The company stated that Kony MobileFabric is available as a managed service in multiple locations across North America, South America and Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Europe. This gives customers more options when it comes to cloud deployments and allows enterprises to specify the exact location of their cloud applications in order to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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