I received an email from a member in the pmStudent community about Software Testing and Project Management. I wanted to share the essence with you today. Please leave comments or suggestions below. Situation

  • Current role: Software Testing
  • Are you interested in becoming a project manager?


  • By Eleaf via Flickr Experience is the most important thing in PM…how do I get it when I’m testing software?
  • Do I need an MBA?
  • What is the average experience required to become a Software Project Manager? And from which background they come from – development/test/doc/sales…..also do u think being in test is a disadvantage?

My Response: What kind of relationship do your project managers and/or other project managers have with you? Reach out to them and offer to help where you can. Even if you don’t learn anything directly from the experience, it is important that everyone knows you are interested and are making an effort to help them. People love to mentor, so you can play the student card to see how many people will be willing to help you. You could compile a list of questions, and offer to buy lunch for someone else so that you can tap into their knowledge. This attention is often appreciated by most people. I don’t think a MBA is necessary unless it is absolutely essential for your situation. You have a technical background, and likely enough to be a software PM. It’s all about 1) learning on the job and 2) building a network and reputation that will make hiring managers think of your experience before they post a new job.

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