How has project management changed over time?

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Project management is not the same as years ago. Many companies and professional organizations have different approaches to managing projects now than when I started in this field in 2000.
What are the most significant shifts in project management?
There are many things to be focused on, even if you compare my own experiences with managing projects more than 10 years ago to today’s workplace.

How long have you been involved in project management?
1. TechnologyCollaboration tools
Bring Your Own Device
AI and Big Data

2. Stakeholder engagement
3. Virtual Teams
4. Complexity
5. Leadership shift

Let’s start by looking back at the history of project management before we move on to the recent changes in the field.
How long have you been involved in project management?
I have been in the field longer than I have worked!
Since the end of World War 2, project management has been around. Project management was first developed in the 1950’s to aid manufacturing, construction, and government initiatives.
It’s obvious that getting work done to complete projects has been a skill since Stonehenge and the Pyramids. People have always needed to work together to achieve a common goal. Project management is that.
Since Henry Gantt first used the Gantt chart for his work in 1910, it has been around.
It’s amazing to think that project management has evolved so much in the past. Project managers are now employed in every industry, including legal project management, hospitality, and marketing.
Here’s my opinion on the major changes in project management.
1. Technology
Technology has seen so much change in recent years. These are the top tech innovations that have influenced how we manage projects.
Collaboration tools
Collaboration tools have been introduced to the workplace. I will never forget my presentation at the 2008 APM conference. I discussed how the rest of the business works in comparison to project managers, and why we should embrace technology and social media tools.
I think that a lot of people were surprised and I had some interesting conversations afterwards with confused people.
We have moved beyond Friends Reunited-style networking and are now using enterprise-wide collaborative systems that allow us to work more professionally with colleagues and external networks. Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have that technology.
In my PMI bestseller, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, I discuss how to choose, get started, and collaborate with technology.
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We’ve seen the rise in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as a result of the increased use of collaboration and social media-style news feeds at work.
My tablet has been a part of my life for many years. Plus there are literally dozens of apps all proclaiming to help you get things done better/faster/cheaper. It can take some time.

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