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All responsibilities for a project’s initiation and closure fall on the shoulders of the project manager. He is responsible for ensuring that a project is successfully initiated, planned, designed, executed, monitored, controlled, and closed within the budget and timeframe. How a project is managed will determine its success or failure. You must have the ability to manage all of these responsibilities effectively if you want your project to succeed. You need project management skills to do this.

These skills are essential in every industry, no matter what type you are working on. These are the skills that you should have:
Leadership skills
Communication skills
Administrative skills
Time management skills
Budget management skills
Team management skills
Problem solving skills
You will need to demonstrate your project management skills in order to get this job.
PRINCE2 foundation or practitioner exams can be used to prove your skills. Projects IN Controlled Environment 2 (PRINCE2) is the de facto standard for project management. It is a collection of process-based project management methods that are widely accepted around the globe. The principles and methods of project management described in PRINCE2 are applicable to all types of projects, regardless of industry.
Two PRINCE2 exams are required to obtain PRINCE2 certification.
PRINCE2 foundation exam
PRINCE2 practitioner exam
It is required that foundation exam candidates understand and can apply all PRINCE2 terminologies and principles. This 60-minute test will require you to be able describe 7 processes, 7 themes, and 7 principles of PRINCE2. Minimum 50% marks are required (35 out 70). There are 75 multiple-choice questions. 5 of these questions have no marks.
It is determined whether you can apply 7 themes, 7 processes, and 7 principles to a non-complex project. This objective test has 80 questions with 1 mark each. This 150-minute exam requires you to score at least 55% (44 out of 80).
A project management institute offers specialized PRINCE2 training to help you score high marks in the PRINCE2 exam. Your career will be shaped by the training institute you choose. You should therefore join a training institute that teaches project management skills from industry experts. You can learn from a trainer who has managed complex projects for years and guide you to a better future. A limited number of institutes will help you learn more. If there are fewer trainees in the institute, the trainer can focus on the trainees and clear up any doubts. You can also use the pass percentage of the institute to help you make your final decision.
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