Genius Project: The Solution to Email and Excel’s Challenges

It’s not surprising that email, Excel spreadsheets, and desktop folders are ineffective tools for managing projects. Their limitations in storing and sharing documents, planning and collaboration are obvious and easy to complicate. While they have their place (and we all know that we are guilty of obsessing about our emails), managing project information and teams requires a much more sophisticated system. The Genius Project solution,Ai is a powerful project management software that can keep your projects on track and organized.
Genius Project is able to eliminate the limitations of Excel, email, and desktop folders.
Document Management
Genius Project is designed for document security. It has versioning capabilities and can store all documents in a protected library. Users can attach files and documents to tasks and deliverables, project descriptions, and other information carriers. The ability to combine project documents in any format is one of the most popular features. Excel, Word, WordPro and Photoshop are all supported. These files can be edited in the system so that everyone is always reading the most recent version. This is a great way to save desktop space and limit email exchanges.
Documents often disappear from email inboxes or desktop folders. Excel spreadsheets are also prone to errors due to their auto correct feature. Genius Project allows users to set the time they want to have access to documents sent to trash. Even if you don’t have access to the documents for that length of time, there is always a way to retrieve them. You can access any document at any time, as long as you have access permission.
Genius Live! Genius Live! is the software’s online collaboration portal. This feature allows project discussions and discussion, email and to do notifications, live chat, and gives project managers and team members instant accessibility to project information. The social tool allows you to view a single page, similar to a Facebook wall. In this case, the news feed contains project updates and statuses. It’s also accessible from multiple devices, so you can access it on the move.
It’s obvious that email, Excel spreadsheets and desktop folders are limited in their ability to plan projects. Genius Project offers a multi-project Gantt Chart that allows you to define tasks, phases, and resources. Genius Planner is a planning tool that allows users to assign tasks and link them, establish a timeline, estimate costs, and determine resource requirements. Its visual component is the best, providing a detailed view of deliverables and dependents.
Genius Project’s servers can be found in Softlayer, an IBM Company that boasts state-of the-art facilities. Their multi-level approach to protecting customer data against electronic and physical threats ensures maximum uptime. GP’s clients can also define their security requirements for internal use by setting up access permissions for each user and based on each project.
Genius Project has more reasons to be loved:
Genius Project is available both cloud-based or on-premise. This means that project information can be accessed online (depending upon permission levels) and not locked onto someone’s computer. Genius Project has powerful features such as time tracking, resource management dashboards, reporting, and reporting. We have a comprehensive review of Genius Project that will give you a clear view of how it can improve your project management and help deliver successful projects on-time and on budget.

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