Everything You Need To Know About Cisco CCIE Certification

Computer networking solutions are essential for every business, large or small. It requires networking professionals who can think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to improve and maintain computer networks. To show your expertise in networking solutions, industry certifications are a great way to grow your career in the technology-driven world.
CCIE is Cisco’s most difficult and widely recognized certification, which will help you advance in your career.
The CCIE certification
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification (CCIE), validates your advanced networking skills as a specialized expert on wireless, enterprise infrastructure and collaboration. It shows your ability to design, build, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot networking infrastructures.
There are no prerequisites to take the CCIE certification exams. However, senior networking professionals with at most five to seven years experience are recommended.
Why should you choose the CCIE certification
Here are some reasons to choose CCIE certification.
Secure career: There is a constant demand for network specialists. They are highly valued in IT companies because they implement a highly secure network. A temporary disruption in the network infrastructure can result in significant losses.

Multiple job opportunities: A CCIE certification can increase your job prospects. Roles such as

Senior Network Support Specialist

Senior Security Engineer

Principal Network Architect

Network Administrator

Senior Network Engineer

Salary growth: According PayScale, an average salary for a CCIE-certified networking professional is US$ 127,000 annually. This certification is the highest-paying in PayScale’s catalog.

CCIE’s growing scope: Technology is constantly evolving, which has led to new networking devices and increased technological organisations that require a secure network infrastructure. This evolution makes it more important to be CCIE certified.

CCIE certification track – Concentrations and exams
The CCIE certification exam is divided into two parts: a written and a laboratory test.
The written test costs US$ 400 and can either be taken online or at a testing center. The exam takes approximately 120 minutes. The exam is currently only available in English, with the exception of the CCIE Security certification which is also available as a Japanese version.
The lab exam must be taken at a testing center. It takes 8 hours and is very challenging. Each attempt costs US$ 1600. CCIE candidates must apply for the lab exams within three year of passing the written exam.
The following table lists the various CCIE certifications as well as their exams:
Exams are required
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
Written Exam:
Implementing and operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies: ENCOR 35-401
Lab Exam:
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab v1.0
Demonstrate advanced enterprise infrastructure solutions skills, virtualization and dual-stack architecture, infrastructure, security network assurance, automation, and infrastructure.
CCIE Enterprise Wireless

Written Exam:
Implementing and operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies: ENCOR 35-401
Lab Exam:
CCIE Enterprise Wireless Lab v1.0
Demonstrates your ability to implement core network technologies such as security, automation, infrastructure, virtualization and dual-stack.
CCIE Data Center

Written Exam:
DCCOR 350-601: Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technology
Lab Exam:
CCIE Data Center v3.0 lab
Demonstrates expert-level complex solutions for data centers, including storage network, security, network computation, and automation.
CCIE Security

Written Exam:
SCOR 350-701: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies
Lab Exam:
CCIE Security v6.0 Lab
Demonstrates expertise in complex security solutions and your knowledge of network, cloud and content security.
CCIE Service Provider

Written Exam:
Implementing and operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technology: SPCOR 350-501
Lab Exam:
CCIE Service Provider v5.0 lab
Demonstrates your expertise in service provider solutions. This includes core architecture, network assurance, security, quality of services, and automation.
CCIE Collaboration

Written Exam:
Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technology: CLCOR 350-801
Lab Exam:
CCIE Collaboration v3.0 lab
Demonstrates skills in collaboration applications including Cisco IOSXE Gateway and Media Resources. Also, expertise in collaboration protocols and infrastructure design, codecs and endpoint, as well as call control.

Recertification and validity
CCIE certifications are valid three years

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