Crockpot Chicken Recipes

Chicken is ideally suited for cooking in a crockpot. Encluded with the recipes is basic information to keep calories down and flavor up. In the first recipe, chicken it is combined with garden vegetables to produce a complete meal which only needs a roll and a light desert to make it a perfect dinner for the family. These recipes will also fit into just about any diet. Below you will find three great chicken recipes that will be complete meals.Chicken is a good option for for those people that want to reduce the red meat in their diet. This tasty meat is also one of the best buys at the market.There is quite a difference between the caloric and fat content of the various parts of chicken. If you want to reduce the overall calories you must remove the skin and consider the differences between light and dark meat. Boneless, skinless chicken breast has the least amount of calories per serving. Then you should consider how you cook the meat to keep the calories low. Broiled, pan fried without fat, cooked in fat free chicken broth are all methods that will retain the flavor but not add calories.<f

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