CompTIA Membership is a great way to advance the business of technology

CompTIA membership gives you access to discounts and other benefits. CompTIA membership is more than just that. It’s the first step in your journey to advance technology business and make your mark in the industry. Find out how. Once upon a while, an organization could be described as a technology company. A tech company was one that produced or created software or was in the business of fixing hardware or software. These lines are blurred today. The lines are blurred today, and the box has expanded to include companies from more sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, to name just a few.
Today we will be discussing the business of technology. The advancement of the technology business means investing in the success and management of the technology professionals who design and build, sell, implement, manage and safeguard the technology that powers the global economy.
CompTIA takes this responsibility very seriously. We are the world’s largest association for technology professionals and pride ourselves in being both a thought leader as well as an action leader. CompTIA’s industry-leading education and research, member-led communities, councils, and unparalleled standard-setting programs are all part of our mission to generate knowledge, help build better tech businesses, provide direction for the sector, and fill the pipeline with skilled workers.
This is how we advance the technology business. One thing is certain: without our members, we wouldn’t be able to do it.
CompTIA membership is the first step in your journey to advance technology and make a difference in the industry. It’s more than just perks and discounts.
CompTIA membership benefits:
Your entire organization
Your career in technology
Your business’s ability profitably to leverage emerging technologies
Our industry is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

CompTIA Membership Benefits for Your Company
CompTIA membership means your company is part of a single industry voice. CompTIA is a leader in advocating for the $5 trillion global information tech ecosystem and the 50+ million professionals working in technology. We are committed in creating an environment that encourages innovation and makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits and opportunities offered by technology.
Your company’s membership can also speak volumes about you. CompTIA membership sends a positive message. It shows that you are committed to the advancement of technology. It makes you a thought leader and earns respect from your customers, colleagues, and even prospects.
CompTIA corporate membership provides you and every employee of your company full access to all CompTIA resources. Join the largest international, vendor neutral community of organizations that sell, distribute, and influence the adoption technology business solutions.
Learn more about CompTIA corporate membership.
How CompTIA Membership Can Impact Your Career in Technology
Your career in the technology industry will only take you so much. If you take initiative and do the work, you will succeed, regardless of whether your company is a technology company or a consultant.
The first step to making an impact is to make meaningful connections with peers in the industry. Participating in CompTIA communities or technology interest groups will put you on a path towards contributing to member-led initiatives. These initiatives can range from supporting diversity within the industry to laying down IT security best practices. Many people choose to go deeper and assume leadership roles to further their career and increase their chances of advancement.
People like you, who want to use their expertise and make an impact on the technology community, are a huge benefit to the whole. These connections are extremely powerful. Although it may not seem like networking, working with your peers to support a community-led initiative is very much so. Many CompTIA members will tell that the people they have worked with in the association have been great mentors, friends, and partners.
CompTIA also offers tangible benefits in this area. CompTIA certifications are 10% off when you sign up for the program. You also get discounts on channel training when you are a member.
Your resources don’t stop there. CompTIA offers a number of ext

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