CompTIA Membership can help you improve the cybersecurity of your tech business

CompTIA ISAO and CompTIA ISAA memberships provide everything you need when it comes to cybersecurity. These include industry-leading research and best practices, a variety of ways to be involved in groups dedicated to security topics, education, and timely cyber threat intelligence. Innovative technology solutions are the definition of a catch-22. The evolution of technology can open doors, advance opportunities, and have the potential to improve our quality-of-life. On the other hand, bad actors who exploit vulnerabilities are attracted to our digital lifestyle. CompTIA considers cybersecurity a top priority. This should also be true for everyone in the technology industry.
Cybersecurity: The Importance
CompTIA 2021 Industry Outlook identifies zero trust as the new paradigm for cybersecurity. It is important to verify all information and not just trust any network behavior. This requires a thorough risk assessment, which includes recognizing the need to secure data and applications individually, as well as continuous monitoring of the entire operation for anomalies and overall health.
Absolute security is a myth at the moment, but we can reach a point where our approach is based upon what you can do to prevent an attacker from attacking your computer, how you can reduce the risk of being attacked, and what to do in case you are attacked. How can the technology industry work together to get there, and then ensure that our customers get there too? It all starts with sharing what you’ve learned with trusted peers. Being a CompTIA member allows you to do that.
CompTIA’s Cybersecurity Watering Holes
CompTIA is a gathering place. It’s where people in the technology industry, like you, can ask questions, offer advice, share their experiences, and learn from others. CompTIA ISAO and CompTIA ISAA memberships provide everything you need when it comes to cybersecurity. These include industry-leading standards and research, a variety ways to get involved in groups dedicated to security topics, education and intelligence, and access to timely, actionable cyber threat information.
Let’s see what CompTIA has for members.
The CompTIA Information Sharing and Analysis Organization, (ISAO), provides proactive threat intelligence and actionable analytics to meet the needs technology vendors, MSPs and MSSPs as well as solution providers, integrators and business technology consultants. Members have access to the Cyber Forum, which is a trusted peer network.
The Cybersecurity Community assists technology providers to become market-ready and find smart ways of monetizing cybersecurity. This community is making a difference by working together in order to create resources that will help you grow your company and benefit your customers.
Cybersecurity Advisory Council collaborates closely with these two groups to develop tools and resources tech companies can use for increased cyber resilience and faster adoption of best practices.
The Federal Cybersecurity Committee is housed within Federal Procurement Council and provides public sector members with an opportunity to keep up to date on regulatory and policy issues, connect to key government officials, and advocate for effective cybersecurity policies through special events and programming.
CompTIA Security Trustmark+, which is based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework, provides a cost-effective way to demonstrate compliance with key industry regulations like PCI-DSS and SSAE-16. CompTIA Channel Standard Cybersecurity is another valuable resource. It is based on the NIST framework and provides best practices to establish a successful cybersecurity program.
CompTIA cybersecurity certifications include Security+ (CySA+), CompTIA Cybersecurity Analysts (CySA+), CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioners (CASP+), and CompTIA PenTest+. These IT certifications are validating the skills required in today’s market. CompTIA members receive a 10% discount for corporate members on all CompTIA certifications.
CompTIA can also help members with workforce solutions. This includes programs that help close the cybersecurity skills gap, and IT training opportunities through CompTIA Tech Career Academy and Creating IT Futures.
CompTIA has partnered up with GCG Financial, The Hartford, and The Hartford to create a customized program of insurance for its members. This program includes data breach coverage or cyber liability insurance.

These programs and groups work together to promote the cause.

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