Cisco vs Juniper: Why Cisco in 2022

Cisco and Juniper are two of the major players in the network infrastructure space. Both vendors offer a wide variety of solutions to meet every organization’s needs. It may be difficult to choose the right vendor because of the sheer amount of technology available.
Juniper offers highly scalable routers, switches, and other products at a competitive price. Cisco offers a complete range of hardware and software, including routers, telephony technology, cloud SaaS, and switches. Although Juniper may be the preferred vendor in certain situations, this post will highlight why Cisco is generally a better choice.

Cisco: The undisputed king of market share
Cisco holds the largest market share of any networking vendor. It’s no secret. Cisco is almost synonymous with routers, switches and is almost a household name. It is no accident that Cisco has enjoyed such great success. Cisco has always provided high-quality networking software to its clients.
According to the International Data Corporation, Cisco’s market share in ethernet switches was huge at 44.1% in the second quarter 2021. Huawei, which holds a mere 11.1% market share, is the next closest competitor.
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Cisco has participated in many acquisitions. Five acquisitions were made in 2021, covering all sectors of the business including security and education. All acquisitions will diversify their product lines and increase their technological footprint.
This is a great opportunity for you if you’re considering Cisco. These acquisitions result in a greater number of goods and services that you can get from one vendor. This means that you will be able to shop around and have a simplified process for acquiring software for your company.
A strong market share is essential for sustainability. Cisco is a company that can be confident that the products and services it acquires will be supported in the future. Cisco is unlike other vendors and you don’t have to worry that it will be bought out or shut down. Let’s talk about support and why Cisco’s top-tier support should be reason for you to choose Cisco in 2022.
Cisco’s Support Level
Cisco’s market size and time have enabled them to provide unprecedented levels of support. Here are two ways to measure the level of support. The first is the amount of help available both through Cisco and online. The second is the number of people who are qualified to work with Cisco solutions. Let’s now look at the first option.
Cisco has an active community
It is not difficult to find problems when configuring switches, routers, and other networking hardware. Cisco’s hardware is configurable by many people. It is easy to search for the problem you are having by using a search engine. Their search results are far more extensive than other networking solutions.
Searching for Cisco tags on StackOverflow returns nearly 1,000 results, while the search for Juniper tag yields almost 10 times as many results. This is only one website where questions were tagged. Cisco is a clear leader in search engine results for questions.
This is a huge deal. It is important to quickly find the right answer to get a network running. Time is money. It is crucial to have a vendor that has a strong, active community in order to streamline the activation and troubleshooting process.
There are many potential employees
Finding qualified IT professionals to manage, troubleshoot, and maintain the technology is one of the most difficult aspects of IT work. This means that the more popular the technology is, the more skilled people you will be able find to maintain it. Cisco will give you the most employees to choose from.
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