Cengage Launches a New Career Search Tool To Close the Skills Gap

Cengage recently launched Skill Map online, a tool that helps learners find in-demand jobs and skills, and get started on the right “Career Journey”. Read on for more information.
What is Skill Map?
Skill Map, a free tool for career exploration from ed2go (a Cengage company), is a new and free tool. Skill Map offers actionable information and data that learners can use for smart career decisions.
Skill Map allows learners to explore career options (for hundreds if not thousands of careers) and locate local job demand data and salary information. They can also find out what skills are in demand and which employers are hiring.
Users can create a skill profile to receive personalized course recommendations and get help in closing their skill gap. To improve their skills, users can enroll in online courses through ed2go’s network of over 2,100 college and university partners.
Skill Map is available to anyone. However, it’s also useful for Workforce Investment Boards that can use it to help people get back to work in their local economy.
Why create a Skill Map
Skill Map was created out of the desire to offer a better “Career Journey”, for learners. The current Career Journey is fragmented and complex. It’s broken. Many people enter education without having a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed. Students often leave college without a job, are in debt, and spend a lot of money. Adults know that they need to continue to improve their skills and training to stay competitive in today’s economy. However, many don’t understand what it takes to keep up with the times.
Adults know that they must keep learning new skills and training in order to stay competitive. However, many adults don’t know what it takes to keep up with the changes.
Cengage believes that every learner can be unstoppable. We want to support learners throughout their Career Journey. From helping them find the right job, to understanding and acquiring the skills required for that job, and finally helping them get the job.
Skill Map is one of many Career Journey tools that focuses on the front end. It allows people to explore career options, determine their goals, and then work backwards to obtain the education they need.
This is only the beginning. We are also working on a new Employer Connection program, which connects learners directly to employers in order to bridge the last mile. Pilots are being conducted in the areas of HVAC, Pharmacy, and Truck technician.
What are the most in-demand careers and skills that Skill Map users are learning about?
We have seen a lot of people interested in finance and business careers. However, healthcare (such medical billing and coding), trades like truck drivers and HVAC technicians, and computer science-related jobs (data scientists, information security analysts, and software engineers) are the most in demand.
These are the top 20 most in-demand skills across all job postings and all occupations:
Communication skills
Customer Service
Organizational Skills
Microsoft Excel
Problem Solving
Physical Demand
Team Work/ Collaboration
Microsoft Office
Computer Skills
Building effective relationships
Supervisory Skills
Project Management
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Get started today with your Career Journey by checking out the Skill Map tool!

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