Cengage Celebrates Literacy in Raleigh

Cengage’s rockstar engineers were able to use their tech skills to help student literacy this fall. Cengage employees in Raleigh created a simple-to-use website that allows elementary school students to track their reading habits and the time they spend reading.
“The Readvolution website helped avoid a labor-intensive tabulating process that would place on a burden on teachers, students and parents,” said Tom Ward, Senior Vice President of Brand/Community/Partnership Development, Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club.
Cengage stepped in and created an online tracking system for students that allowed them to log their reading time via their Wake County student ID. Teachers also had access to the teacher dashboard to track their students’ progress. Cengage solved the problem!
Mr. Rob Simora of Cengage and First Lady of North Carolina Mrs. Kristen Cooper. Wake County Public School System Chair Ms. Monika John-Hostler, Wake County Public School System Chief Of Staff and Strategic Advancement Dr. Marvin Connelly and Wake County Public School System Deputy superintendent of Academic Advancement, Ms. Cathy Moore attended the “Cool Schools” Field Trip on February 21. To celebrate their achievements, more than 9,000 students, teachers, and chaperones attended.
“It was amazing to see 9,000 excited students having a great time and know that our technology fuelled their literacy journey. Simora stated that getting kids excited about reading will help them become confident readers and propel them to future success in school and beyond.

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