AZ-204 Developing Solutions Domain 1 : Develop Azure Compute Solutions

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What is Microsoft Azure?Microsoft AZ-204 Certificate – Developing solutions to Microsoft AzureDomains for the Azure Developer AZ-204 certificationDevelop Azure compute solutionsAzure virtual machinesWhat are ARM templates
What is Microsoft Azure?
Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. Azure platform allows for efficient use of existing technologies like Linux and Windows. Azure offers more robust PaaS capabilities than AWS. It allows easy mobility and provides a consistent platform between public and on-premise cloud environments. This Microsoft application helps app developers gain access to the right tools and environment. As a result, they are able to quickly create and deploy cutting edge cloud solutions. Clients will have the ability to access the frameworks they prefer and other flexible options, such as open-source languages selection. This MS application will save you time and allow you to access the data and devices that you need both inside and outside the Cloud premises.
Microsoft AZ-204 Certification – Developing solutions to Microsoft Azure
The Azure Developer AZ-204 is a popular intermediate-level certification exam for developers. Microsoft created the AZ204 exam to verify your skills. Microsoft Azure developers are responsible for all aspects of cloud development. They define the requirements and then design, build, and maintain the solutions. Azure Developers are responsible for monitoring and fine-tuning the performance of the solutions that they create. This course can help you prepare for the exam and lay the foundation for becoming a Certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate.
Domains of Azure Developer AZ204 Certification

Azure Developer AZ204 certification covers five domains.
Domain 1: Develop Azure compute solution (25-30%)
Domain 2: Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)
Domain 3: Implement Azure security (20-25%)
Domain 4: Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)
Domain 5: Connect to Azure services and third party services (15-20%)
We will be discussing the first domain, “Develop Azure compute solution.”
Develop Azure compute solutions
This certification exam teaches developers how end-to-end solutions can be created in Microsoft Azure. The domain has a weightage of (25-30%). The following subtopics are covered in the First domain of the Develop Azure Compute Solution:
Implement IaaS solutions
Create Azure App Service Web Apps
Implement Azure functions
1. Implement IaaS solutions. This section will show you how to manage, deploy, configure and monitor IaaS on Azure. You need to be familiar with the components of infrastructure as a service, such as Docker, Azure Containers and Virtual Machines. You will learn how to deploy ARM templates and how Docker can be used to create container images that you can publish to the Azure Container Registry. Finally, you will learn how Azure Container Instance can run containers.
About IaaS
IaaS stands to “Infrastructure as a Service.” IaaS manages and configures the infrastructure. It provides the OS, security and networking, data, as well as servers to develop the application. It gives you access to the essential physical machines, processing, storage, and other resources. These resources can be accessed via the Internet using a pay per use model. IaaS also offers virtual local area networks (VLAN), IP addresses and virtual machine desk storage.
Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Virtual Machines are software computers that host virtual machine images on Windows or Linux. Virtual

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