AZ-104 Exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Azure AZ-104 is required if you are interested in a job as an Azure administrator. The AZ104 certification exam replaces the AZ103 exam that is currently used to test for the Microsoft Azure administrator role.

The AZ-103 exam would be retired on August 31, 2020. After that, the AZ-104 exam would be the only certification required to become a Microsoft Azure administrator. Microsoft Azure introduced the AZ104 certification exam on April 2, 2020. Let’s now look at the details of the exam to help you prepare for the AZ-104 exam.
Azure Administrators: Roles and Responsibilities
First, it is important to know that the Azure AZ104 exam is for candidates who have skills and knowledge in the management, implementation, and monitoring of Microsoft Azure environments. Candidates should also learn about the responsibilities and roles of the job before considering how to become an Azure administrator.
An Azure administrator would be responsible for ensuring implementation, management, and monitoring of these aspects in a cloud environment.
Virtual networks
The Azure Administrator would also need to ensure that resources are provisioned, sized, monitored, and adjusted according to the requirements.
Candidates who pass the AZ104 exam will also need to be part of larger teams that implement an organization’s infrastructure.
Prerequisites for taking the AZ-104 Exam
The exam prerequisites are the next important thing that aspiring candidates need to know about Azure AZ104 exam. To be eligible to take the AZ-104 exam, you must have the following knowledge and experience.
You must have at least 6 months of experience in Azure administration.
Core Azure services
Azure security
Azure workloads
Azure governance
Experience with Azure CLI, PowerShell and Azure Resource Manager templates.
The Azure AZ104 exam is currently in beta and will be available only in English. The AZ-104 exam registration fee is $165 USD
Domains covered in the AZ104 Exam
The most important aspect of the AZ104 certification exam is that it covers domains.
Management of Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
Implementation and management storage (10-15%)
Management and deployment of Azure compute resources (25-30%)
Configuring and managing virtual networks (30-35%).
Monitoring and backing up Azure resources (10-15%)
The weight of each domain in the overall AZ104 exam is indicated by the numbers next to it. Domains are a way to help you plan your preparations and get effective results.
Steps to Effectively Prepare for the AZ104 Exam
Now that you have the basic information about the AZ-104 exam, it is time to start your preparations. These are some important points to remember in order to prepare for the Azure AZ104 exam.
Check out the official page for AZ-104 exam to find all the details.
Explore the exam guide to find out the subtopics within each domain of the AZ-104 exam skills measures. You can get a clear understanding of the exam domains, subtopics, and help you find relevant learning resources to aid your preparation. This means that you don’t need to cover every aspect of Azure administration.
After you have thoroughly reviewed the exam topics, you can move on to official Microsoft Azure documentation. Candidates can get a clear understanding of the basics of Azure administration by reading official Microsoft documentation.
Then, you should follow the learning paths suggested by Microsoft Azure for your AZ-104 exam.

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