AWS Launches CloudFront Edge locations in Mumbai and Chennai

THIS IS HUGE! AWS has finally launched infrastructure in India. AWS today announced the opening of CloudFront edge locations at Mumbai and Chennai. This is a significant benefit for Indian customers, and it feels like a first step towards establishing larger infrastructure in India. We are thrilled! !
What is a CloudFront Edge Location? Content delivery networks (CDN) are the main method of delivering content today. Imagine that you have an international ecommerce site with customers across the globe. Your website is decided to be hosted in Asia. Your European and American customers will experience subpar performance since their requests must be made all the way from Europe to be serviced. If you host in the USA, Asian customers will experience subpar performance. CDN solves this problem by providing a number of “Edge Locations” around the globe. These “Edge Locations” act as caching points and cache your content. Customers can then receive it locally. This significantly reduces latency and improves performance. It is also exponentially more scalable than delivering content from one location. CloudFront, a CDN service offered by AWS, is flexible and affordable (especially when compared to the thousands that other CDN providers charge).
What’s so great about CloudFront edge locations located in India? Indian websites and applications using AWS have had to use AWS infrastructure from Singapore (called Singapore Region). This meant that all traffic from India was routed to Singapore and back. This led to undesirable latencies. AWS customers who use CloudFront will now be able to access local edge locations in Mumbai or Singapore. This will allow them to deliver significantly better performance and help their customers. This new development will make it easy for Indian-targeted websites and applications to take advantage of the new developments. CloudFront is a great tool for Indian websites that are not yet using it. CloudFront can also be used with other providers so you can continue to use your hosting and CloudFront.
You can find more information about CDN or CloudFront on the AWS website. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. I will be happy to answer them. AWS Certification Boot Camp Level 3 is also coming up, which will cover CloudFront in detail. Please fill out this form if you’d like to learn more.
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