Avengers, ACemble! 2

The Age of Project Management
It was a combination of his mock empathy and his attire, which made him seem even more conceited than usual. It was a combination of his mock empathy and the way he cocked at the table in mock empathy that made him seem even more arrogant than usual. Tony. Darling!” Natasha spoke up, expressing every word with precision grace and cold intent. A lifetime of training to be an interrogator and a consummate professional, your best buddy, whatever you need, whatever she wants, could be heard in every word. It’s best to remember that. It’s best to remember that. Steve cleared his throat and, when everyone’s attention turned towards him, raised his hand. Clint remarked, “Well, someone had to.” Steven lowered the head. “But it’s my opinion that we all should listen to Tony. He’s our leader.” Bruce, still groggy from his last transformation, raised his voice. “I thought that you were our leader?” “Isn’t this a collective effort, all of us equal partners? Natasha countered, using her usual socialist zeal. “Gentlemen…and comrade Natasha,” Tony said to get the conversation back on track. “You’re missing what the point is.” It doesn’t matter who is the leader. Now that we have a system in place and know who’s responsible for what, it doesn’t really matter. It’s natural that I’m the one who gives out assignments. I’m simply the tech-savvyest person here. It was difficult to get enough mead for Thor in the past. He continued, “Very, especially since his favorite brand is only produced by an Asgardian brewery run by dwarves who accept only gold as payment.” We don’t have to travel all the way to another dimension. They have our PMT installed on their systems and we set up automatic recurring order. The company now delivers 200 gallons of mead every month to our front doors. Everyone was quiet for a while as they discussed this change. The mead supply was getting ridiculous and this allowed for more leisure time for everyone.” It’s no longer a matter of getting pummeled for bumping into Bruce or accidentally shooting Tony with an explosive bow. It’s great!” Bruce added with uncharacteristic glee. “The note function is very helpful for keeping track all the movies and TV programs people keep telling me I must watch.” This modern technology stuff sure makes it fun!” Steve exclaimed. Tony loudly clasped both his hands. “It’s

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