AutoCAD Certification: What & Why?

Enhancing productivity. Accuracy and efficiency. Streamlining workflows. These three aspects are important in a competitive business environment. With every passing day, there is a significant shift from manual processes to more computer-driven or software-driven arrangements across industries.
This applies to all industries, including architecture, construction, manufacturing and electrical, as well as aeronautical. This trend is universal. These are the most important tasks of all the jobs and processes involved in these industries.
Designing and Drafting. That’s right! It could be blueprints, or other engineering plans. Many organizations have moved or are slowly moving away from manual processes to more efficient and software-driven methods.
Without understanding the technology behind modern design and drafting practices, it is difficult to understand how professionals and companies use them.
We are going to be discussing Autodesk AutoCAD technology or software.
This blog will explain the importance of AutoCAD Certification and how organizations can benefit. It will also explain why it might be worth pursuing an AutoCAD certification and, in particular, comprehensive training through NetCom Learning.
AutoCAD Certification
There is a constant demand for professionals who are proficient in CAD (Computer-aided designing). This includes businesses and universities. They are all looking for skilled and certified individuals.
Between 2017 and 2023, the global CAD market is expected to grow at 7.0% CAGR.
AutoCAD is the most popular and widely used CAD software application. AutoCAD is the most popular software for creating models and drawings in 2D and 3D. It is the basis of all other CAD programs. It also has the largest market share. It is therefore understandable that many professionals, both young and experienced, want to obtain AutoCAD certification.
Types of AutoCAD Certifications
You have two options to become an AutoCAD certified professional:
The AutoCAD Certified User (ACU), Certification is for designers who have basic proficiency. Your basic AutoCAD skills are tested, including drawing, editing and layout manipulation.
Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional (ACP), Certification: This certification is for those who have advanced skills and can solve complex design problems or workflow challenges. You will be tested on your advanced AutoCAD capabilities. These capabilities include dimensioning and hatching, creating annotations as well as printing and plotting.
AutoCAD Certification: The Benefits
For Individuals:
This certification is the most reliable and easiest way to validate your CAD skills.
You also get the certification professional logo. The Autodesk Database now includes a certified AutoCAD professional.
You can learn a skill that will serve you well in the long-term.
This course will give you an overview of the interface of design tools, and it will also give you an advantage in today’s highly competitive job marketplace. Employers are always looking for qualified professionals who are willing to work hard to win new projects and gain industry recognition.
For Organizations:
Companies can also get their existing employees AutoCAD certified and bring home the productivity-enhancing benefits of this software.
Organizations need to be confident that their design processes are in the capable hands of people who understand workflows and appreciate the importance of efficient and accurate practices in a competitive market. These skills can be assessed by granting AutoCAD certifications to your employees.
It also helps you to assess your team’s learning and developmental needs and allows you to invest in your training needs more accurately.
This certification certifies your investment in training in controlled circumstances with a high degree of confidence in the value of the results.

How do I get an AutoCAD certification
Online exams for AutoCAD Certification are available. Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD software, conducts these exams online at approved testing centers that provide one-stop solutions to all certification questions and needs.
Autodesk offers certification exams for its design programs. These range from basic to advanced levels.
The total cost of certification can exceed US$ 200. It will depend on many factors such as where you live, what program you choose, the courses that were taken for preparation, and the location of the certification center.
Preparation for AutoCAD certification: Why netCom Learning?
NetCom Learning delivers expert underst

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