2022 PMP Exam Tips From Chintan – How I passed the PMP Exam

Chintan Vyas successfully passed the PMP exam. Master of Project Academy’s online, self-paced PMP training helped him prepare for the PMP Exam. Chintan was awarded “Above Target” on the PMP exam after studying with Master of Project Academy. He has great tips for PMP aspirants to pass the 2022 PMP exam. Continue reading to find Chintan’s 2022 PMP exam tips. Get PMP certified in 2022.
We have helped over 200,000 professionals from more than 180 countries to pass the PMP exam with a 99.6% success rate. Now, we have created a seven-step PMP study guide. This PMP study guide can be used to help you create your PMP prep plan.
Let’s first take a look at Chintan’s PMP exam results.

1- 1) How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
I started studying about 1.5 months before my PMP exam. On average, I studied for 2 hours on weekdays, and for 3-4 hours on weekends. I used PMP Flash Cards to refresh my concepts over the last 10 days.
It was difficult to remember all the elements of the PMP syllabus with the corresponding tools, techniques, input/output documentations, etc. It was important to connect these concepts with real-life experiences.
Master of Project Academy’s PMP training material is outstanding, I have to say. The 35-hour online PMP training teaches you how to manage projects using real-life examples. You can also learn at your own pace and go back to it again for a deeper understanding. You can also use Flash Cards and the PMP Exam Simulator to prepare yourself for the test.
Master of Project Academy provides questions that will test your knowledge of each topic. There were very few identical questions in the PMP Exam. There were very few questions that were identical to each other in the PMP Exam.
I have successfully completed the sample questions from the 35-hour online course. I then enrolled in Exam Simulator, which gave me access to 7 practice tests. I took each exam twice or more until I was able to score more than 85% on mock tests.
The support I received from the Master of Project Academy for my PMP Training is beyond my expectations. Within 24 hours, I received a resolution to my questions and problems. I appreciate the support and guidance provided by an online training provider.7- ) Do your recommendations for future PMP candidates?
After the mandatory 35 hours of training, I recommend that future PMP candidates spend a lot of time reviewing and practicing for the PMP exam. Revision will allow you to review all topics and clarify any doubts. The sample exam will assess your knowledge and ability to apply it to different scenarios-based questions. It will also help you to complete the 200 questions in 4 hours in the actual exam.8- ) Have any tips?
It is important to remain calm and confident on exam day. My experience has taught me that the most important thing is to complete the exam within 4 hours. Many questions will not be answered with 100% confidence, so mark them to be reviewed for further analysis. These questions can be flagged for review and you should allocate 15-20 minutes to them. You can also review the formulas and key concepts the day before the exam to boost your confidence.

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