2022 PMP Exam Review: Rishi’s PMP Exam Success Story

Rishi is currently working as an IT Application Developer Manager in a software company. Rishi passed the PMP exam on his first attempt. We asked Rishi for his experience and advice for PMP candidates. Below is Rishi’s PMP exam review.
1-How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
In fact, I enjoyed learning at my own pace considering my current work schedule. My preparation time was 10 months long, but the last 45 days were very intensive.
2-What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP exam?
The most difficult part was figuring out the concepts of project management. I was prone to getting lost while reading the book line by line, which I never mastered.
I was able to mitigate that feeling by using the eLearnings / training videos of Master of Project Academy. I have to admit that the “Master of Project” PMP videos are very vivid. I felt like I was in a classroom with an educator, which helped me to control my focus.
3-How did the quality of PMP training materials compare to other training materials?
It is comprehensive and top-notch. It covers all key concepts. The quality of the questions really challenged me to learn. The voice and pronunciation of the author, who voiced the training video, is to be commended. I was able understand and follow the instructions without any difficulties.
4-How similar were the PMP exam questions when you looked at them?
It’s not about the similarities. I was able to prepare well for the PMP exam thanks to the wide variety and quality of questions in Master of Project. As part of my PMP exam review, the most important tip I can offer is to practice with as many PMP samples questions as you can.
5-How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I have completed all questions in the chapters and the full-sized exams provided by Master of Project. I attempted multiple times. Each attempt was tracked so that you can compare the results and see where there are improvements. I attempted approximately 2000 questions.

6-How was the support received during the PMP training?
Most of the questions I had about the training material were already asked by fellow Learners, and the author (Resit) promptly answered them. There were a few instances when I reached out to the team, and received prompt responses from Emily.
7-Does anyone have any suggestions for future PMP candidates
Don’t lose heart, don’t be afraid of the extensive syllabus. Before you read the PMBOK, go through the training video. This will make the reading easier and give you the confidence to move quickly.
8-Does anyone have any tips for the PMP exam?
This is a great tip that I found online. If you get a few consecutive difficult questions, close your eyes and try to think of someone or something that would make you feel better. Next, answer the next question. Although you may lose 5-7 seconds, you will feel energized and positive. This worked well for me.
9-What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMP certification?
This should be at least one chapter. Watch the training video. -> Read the PMBOK. -> Re-watch training video. -> Browse the PMPBOK. -> Answer the chapter questions.
Write down the learnings you have gathered while you are in Scope Management. This is not to test your memory, but to see if you can recall the learning in non-chronological order.
You can’t answer all the questions. It is better to be prepared than not prepared, at least for exams.

10-How likely is it that Master of Project Academy would be recommended to a friend, or colleague?
I passed the PMP exam.

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