2022 PMP Exam Review: Another Success Story

Roger Mak recently passed his PMP certification exam. Roger shared his PMP journey and did a PMP exam review. Roger shares his tips for passing the PMP exam.

1-How long did it take to prepare for the PMP certification exam.
I was a project manager for many years and was familiar with the earlier editions of PMBOK. After I decided to take the PMP exam, I saw that there had been significant updates to PMBOK guide. I decided to study for it. I spent approximately a week in the PMP Certification Training. In addition, I spent 30 hours studying PMBOK Guide and reviewing available materials on the Internet.
2-What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP certification exam.
The PMBOK/PMP certification exam presents two main challenges for me:
PMBOK organizes knowledge areas into 10 categories. Within each category, it presents information as Input/Tools/Output section. Although it may seem logical at first glance, the sheer amount of inter-related and overlapping information can sometimes make it confusing. To clarify dependencies, I had to go back and forth between the materials.
PMBOK defines many terms that have a narrow meaning. These terms can refer to process, methods, and project artifacts. Some of these terms are more theoretical than they are practical. To make sense of it, I had to adopt the PMBOK mindset.

These are the main challenges I faced in my PMP exam review.
3-How did the quality of PMP certification training material compare to other materials?
The PMP certification training materials are more effective than simply reading the PMBOK guide. They include slides, voice-over explanations and test questions. The learning experience is more enjoyable and engaging because the material includes questions and information that are directly applicable to real-life situations.
4-How similar were the questions on the real PMP exam when you looked at the PMP certification exam questions in Master of Project Academy materials?
The mock exam and test question in the PMP certification training materials are very similar to the real exam in terms of how they were formulated and the difficulty level, including trick questions.
I also took mock exams from another online site. The Master of Project Academy’s materials are more relevant and practical.

5-How many PMP certification exam question did you practice before taking the exam?
I reviewed all questions in the PMP certification training materials. I also went through any questions I didn’t know the answer to. I also reviewed about 100 questions from another site, but they aren’t as relevant as the ones in Master of Project Academy.
6-How was the support received during the PMP certification training?
The instructor and support staff were always available to help me whenever I needed it. Retired and Emily deserve a big thumbs up.
7-Does anyone have any suggestions for future PMP exam candidates?
Accept the PMBOK concept, even if it is not your experience in managing projects. Some of the content may be theoretical, but it is still useful within the framework.
Practice all questions and mock exams to learn more about the PMP certification training materials.
Get a good overview and understanding of the PMBOK guide.

8-Does anyone have any tips or tricks for the PMP certification exam?
The PMP certification exam can be very difficult. It is closed book, takes 4 hours non-stop and only 200 questions. But don’t worry if you’ve done your homework. Relax, bring water and a reading glasses if necessary. Remember to use average 72 seconds per question.
9-What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMP certification?
As with any exam, the three tips are to study, practice, and review. I highly recommend the study of the

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