100% Free PMP Example Questions

To pass the PMP exam, you must do thorough PMP study. Practice with as many PMP questions as you can. This will make your PMP success more likely. You will be able to see and practice different PMP exam questions formats the more you practice PMP examples questions. This will increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt.
For your practice, we have prepared 15 PMP exam questions online that are 100% free. We recommend that you review the PMP examples questions and then write down your answers on another sheet. Go through the explanations and answers at end of page after you have completed the PMP exam questions test. Examine the wrong answers to the PMP examples questions to understand why.
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Questions #1 for the PMP Exam
The primary purpose for Project Management Plan development is to –
a. To guide project execution and to control it, create a document. Document assumptions and constraints of the project c. Encourage communication among stakeholders d. Identify key project reports
Questions #2 for the PMP Exam
Jan began her project in February with 15 people. Three of them also served as project managers. Four more people were working on the project by June. What was the number of additional people and communication channels she had on her team in June, as well?
a. She had three more members to her team, and there were 190 additional communication channels. b. There were four additional people and 120 communication channels. c. She had three more people on her team, and 70 more communication channels. d. There were also four more people on the team, and 70 additional communication channels.
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Questions for the PMP Exam #3
A 12-month project has a budget of $100,000. The actual costs for month eight were $104,000. What is the status of the project?
a. Trouble because more was spent than was budgeted. Doing well so far, as less was spent than was budgeted.
Questions for the PMP Exam #4
Force Majeure is an insurance term that means.
a. Superior or irresistible force such as lightning, earthquakes or storms. b. Any party to a contract has the right to seek redress through any U.S. District Court. c. The buyer may seek damages from the seller for major contract violations. d. The seller failed to exercise due care in performance, and the buyer is therefore subject to a breach-of-contract action.
PMP Exam Questions #5
You will see that the cost estimates of the functional managers assigned for your project are clearly higher than those submitted for other projects. You should.
a. Reject the estimate and eject the functional manager from your project. To ensure that the estimate is properly prepared, request the supporting details. Accept the estimate and make plans to use the additional funds as a reserve. d. Ask each functional manager about the estimate.
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